TachoWeb Extension Module Tachograph Plus

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price per month and vehicle
  • readout of the tachograph every 7 days
  • Simple login and registration here:www.tachoweb.eu
  • Extension of the module "Extension Module Tachograph"
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price per month and vehicle
TachoWeb Extension Module Tachograph Plus
truck daily readout
price per month and vehicle
  • Weekly tachograph download
  • Increased data quality of the tachograph
  • Installation of DAKO hardware necessary
  • Support from our competent staff

How do I read out my tachograph?

The company must read out the tachograph every 90 days. To do this, insert the respective readout hardware into the opening slot of the tachograph. Afterwards, the data can be conveniently imported into TachoWeb on the computer. If DAKO hardware is installed at the back of the tachograph (usually behind the dashboard), it can be read out remotely.
Tachographs are read out every 7 days with the TachoWeb "Extension Module Tachograph Plus". Data from smart tachographs and the new generation of driver cards can also be read out without any problems.
In contrast to the " Extension Module Tachograph", the weekly download of the tachograph data ensures a higher data density and thus more informative value for your daily business. This applies to all automatic downloads via remote readout.


Optimised for the latest versions of the web browsers Chrome and Firefox


Basic Module vehicle must be booked for further functions.

For remote download of tachographs (DAKO hardware required)

The TachoWeb Extension Module Tachograph Plus is billed monthly as a subscription. The number of weekly stored data records of the tachograph serves as the basis for billing.
The general terms and conditions of DAKO GmbH apply. All prices are net prices plus VAT.


For the modules booked in connection with the hardware, a minimum contract period of 24 months applies. A cancellation period of 3 months applies. If the contract is not terminated in due time, the contract term shall be extended by a further 12 months.

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