TachoWeb Additional Module Tracking

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  • Seamless vehicle tracking and intelligent GPS functions
  • Simple login and registration here: www.tachoweb.eu
  • Extension of the module "Basic Module Vehicle"
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TachoWeb Additional Module Tracking
tracking truck and car with GPS Tracker or App
price per month and object
  • Tracking for mixed fleets (trucks and OBD vehicles)
  • Theft protection through geofencing
  • Route tracking for easier traceability
  • Work flexibly from anywhere with the web-based portal www.tachoweb.eu
  • Also available as an app for Android and iOS (DAKO dispo)
  • Tracking via Link 740, OBD, app DAKO drive or interfaces
  • Support from our competent staff

Vehicles always in focus

If you want to know where your vehicles are at all times, then vehicle tracking is exactly what you need. In addition to the current position, daily kilometres, total kilometres and speed, the locator accurately displays the speedometer activity on a map. The GPS data is transmitted every 60 seconds. This enhanced information about routes actually driven saves costs and allows you to make decisions that move you forward as a business.

Protect the environment and your wallet with optimal routes

Thanks to tracking, you not only have an overview of all vehicles but can also optimise regular routes based on historical data. The reports take into account total kilometres, labour costs and toll costs. This also positively affects the CO2 balance of your entire fleet.

The entire mixed fleet at a glance

The TachoWeb Additional Module Tracking with an OBD2 plug enables you to easily integrate all passenger cars or electric vehicles* into your fleet of heavy commercial vehicles. This gives you an overview of your entire fleet on one portal and makes planning and monitoring journeys easier.

Easily configurable, reliable hardware

You can quickly and easily install the GPS tracker for OBD vehicle tracking yourself. There is no need for a visit to the workshop.
The GPS tracker's broad coverage allows seamless tracking - even in regions with poor reception. If the connection should break down, the tracker continues to record all GPS data and transmits it in encrypted form as soon as the reception is restored.

Theft protection through geofencing

The loss of a company car due to theft is the nightmare of every fleet manager. Unfortunately, thefts of this kind happen frequently, and cases often remain unsolved.
With the DAKO tracking system, you can create geo-zones and link them to notifications. This alerts you as soon as your commercial vehicle moves out of the defined area within a certain time window. You can inform the authorities immediately and significantly increase the chance of getting your vehicle back.


Can the tracking be turned off for private journeys? DAKO's OBD vehicle tracking can be easily turned off for private driving by unplugging the GPS tracker from the OBD interface. The tracking can also be switched off in the app DAKO drive.

Which legal regulations have to be observed when tracking? Before you decide to use a tracking system, you should carefully check whether the use you intend to make of it is also compliant with data protection laws.
As soon as the collected tracking data allow conclusions to be drawn about natural persons (data subjects in the sense of the GDPR), you need the express consent of your employees for tracking.


Optimised for the latest versions of the web browsers Chrome and Firefox.


Basic Module vehicle must be booked for further functions.

  • OBD Tracking - All vehicle types that have an OBD port.
  • Truck Tracking - All vehicle types that have a Link Box 740.
  • Tracking via interface - All objects with interfaces to our partners

The TachoWeb Additional Module Tracking is billed monthly as a subscription. The number of existing GPS data records relating to the respective object serves as the basis for billing.
*The monitor (product picture) is not included.

The general terms and conditions of DAKO GmbH apply. All prices are net prices plus VAT.


A minimum contract period of 24 months applies to the modules booked in connection with the hardware. A cancellation period of 3 months applies. If the contract is not terminated in due time, the contract term is extended by a further 12 months.

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