LINK 510

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  • All vehicles in view through localisation
  • Application in conjunction with TachoWeb Telematics, TachoWeb Live or Remote
  • Link 510 enables a direct connection between the vehicle and TachoWeb through remote download and live scheduling times
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TomTom LINK 510
Telematikmodul TomTom Link 510
  • Save costs and increase productivity
  • Maintain checks
  • Easy installation

The fleet at a glance

The TomTom LINK 510 is your connection with the vehicle. Use information in real-time, as well as historical data regarding the type, time and location of the use of your vehicles. By registering every movement, the TomTom LINK 510 provides you with precise data regarding the vehicle position, journey information, standstill times, kilometres travelled and driving behaviour. In this way you can analyse and optimise the use of your vehicles, which once again allows for considerable cost savings and the avoidance of risks.

Installation without barriers

Due to the compact size and intelligent design, the TomTom LINK 510 can be installed in the vehicle within a matter of minutes. The installation is uncomplicated and can take place in the dashboard or on the front windscreen. The device is equipped with an integrated GPS and GSM antenna, as well as Bluetooth for communication with the TomTom navigation system.

Resource-efficient driving with fleet management interface

If the LINK 510 in a lorry is equipped with a fleet management interface connection and the I/O cable is attached to the fleet management interface connection, it is possible to determine the fuel consumptions, refuelling and fuel losses (e.g. due to a leak in the fuel tank).

Vehicle positions in a matter of seconds

Thanks to the TomTom LINK 510 you always know where your vehicles are located. Position data is transferred simply and economically via GRPS. If GPRS is temporarily unavailable then this data can be stored and sent again with renewed availability.

Live scheduling times for smoother processes

You don’t need to wait for your lorries to arrive back in the depot to access the driving hour’s data. TomTom LINK 510 transfers the digital data from the tachograph to the DAKO data centre, so that you can view it in the TachoWeb in real-time. You can ascertain with ease, who has almost reached their maximum driving time and which drivers still have driving hours in hand.


  • 2 connections as digital input
  • 1 connection as digital output
  • FMS connection (Fleet management system)
  • 1 connection for external GSM antenna (only necessary with difficult reception)
  • TomTom Link Box 510
  • 1 mains cable
  • 1 mounting bracket
  • 2 cable ties
  • 2 adhesive strips
  • 2 metal screws
  • 1 cleaning cloth
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