Communications Services

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Price per month and vehicle
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Price per month and vehicle
  • Having a hotline to the driver
  • Sending orders and messages directly to the driver’s cab
  • Record of the complete communication on site
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Price per month and vehicle
Kommunikationscenter im Telematiksystem TachoWeb als Bildschirmfoto
Price per month and vehicle
  • Congestion information directly to the display
  • Constant updates
  • Congestion warning for the current route
  • Avoidance of diversion jams
  • Coverage of the complete road network
  • Easy installation

Having a hotline to your drivers

The communication centre allows a quick and above all traceable exchange of information between the driver and scheduler. Schedulers send their messages or orders in the usual way from the TachoWeb to your navigation device from the Webfleet Solutions PRO 837x range. The driver is able to call up these messages in real-time and directly work through the orders issued. As soon as the order is complete, the driver sends the info to the scheduler. The sent messages are saved in the TachoWeb and can therefore be traced at any time.

Reach your destination faster with comprehensive traffic information

Webfleet Solutions uses anonymous mobile data to determine in which direction and at which speed cars move on the road networks. This real-time data is complemented by other traffic information services and together they provide an extremely reliable view of the current traffic situation. This way, traffic jams and delays can be identified early and times of arrival can be determined accurately.

Drive prerequisites

  • Runs on all Webfleet Solutions navigation devices

Other information

  • DAKO-Communications Services can only be ordered from us in conjunction with a PRO navigation display (Webfleet Solutions) and the TachoWeb package Telematics

Scope of supply

  • Service is supplied fully installed with your navigation display

The booking of this service is possible only in conjunction with the package Telematics. The communication services are billed as a monthly subscription.

The notice period is 1 month before the end of contract at a 3 months term of contract.

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