Extension Cable

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  • Quick and convenient readout of the tacho data with a key, via cable
  • Optimally suitable for every driver’s cab, for an improved readout range
  • Impact-resistant, dust-tight and water-resistant off-road version
  • 180 cm extension
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Ansicht eines Verlängerungskabels zum Auslesen von Tachografen und Fahrerkarten

Premium DAKO-Key

With the 60cm extension cable we enable an even more convenient readout of the tachograph data with the DAKO-Key. The extension cable is just as robust and suited for everyday use as the key, meaning that it enjoys a long service life even under extreme conditions.


  • 6-pin tacho plug and socket


  • 180 cm long

Further conditions

  • In order to transfer tachograph data to your PC with the DAKO-Key extension cable, you require a DAKO-Adapter and a DAKO-Key (both are not included in the DAKO-Key extension cable scope of supply)
  • In order to download data from the DAKO-Key, you also require the DAKO-Key-Download software or the software in the scope of supply of the TachoStation or driver 32 / 64 Bit (available on CD or accessible online)
  • DAKO-Key extension cable
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