1. Telematiksystem TachoWeb Basic als Bildschirmfoto
    TachoWeb Basic
    • The solid foundations for your fleet management
    • Work with flexibility from anywhere, with the web-based portal
    • Legally-compliant evaluation of all tacho and driver card data
    Special Price €0.00
    DAKO GmbH
    from Regular Price €9.00
    DAKO GmbH
    Excl. 19% VAT
    Price per month and vehicle
  2. Ansicht DAKO-TachoStation
    TachoStation 2.0
    • Flexible support point for reading out tachograph data (only with the DAKO-Key) and driver card
    • Data can be transfer into the TachoWeb with ease
    • Can also be used for working hours logging and driving licence checks

    Please note that further fees might be applicable (see details).

    DAKO-Key, driving licence with RFID tag and driver card not included in the scope of delivery.

    DAKO GmbH
    Excl. 19% VAT
  3. Ansicht Führerschein mit RFID-Tag für die Führerscheinkontrolle
    RFID label for TachoStation
    • Automatic driving licence check in an instant
    • Automatic hours logging at the TachoStation also coming soon
    • High level tamper protection
    from €9.00
    DAKO GmbH
    As low as €6.00
    DAKO GmbH
    Excl. 19% VAT
  4. Ansicht eines Auslesesticks zuum Auslesen von Tachografen und Fahrerkarten, der DAKO-Key
    • Rapid readout of your data from tachographs and driver cards
    • Read-out data from smart tachograph
    • Complete data transfer with signature
    DAKO GmbH
    Excl. 19% VAT
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