TachoWeb OBD vehicle tracking

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Per month and vehicle
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Per month and vehicle

Track all vehicle types in one platform

  • Current positions of your trucks and cars in one portal
  • Theft protection through individual geo-zones with notifications
  • Save costs and increase productivity
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Per month and vehicle
TachoWeb OBD-Fahrzeugortung
TachoWeb OBD vehicle tracking
Per month and vehicle
  • Seamless vehicle tracking
  • Route tracking for easier traceability
  • Master data maintenance of vehicles and employees
  • Effective appointment management for fleet and personnel with individually configurable notifications


The entire mixed fleet at a glance

The TachoWeb OBD vehicle location system allows you to easily integrate all passenger cars or electric vehicles* into your fleet of heavy commercial vehicles.

With it, you have your entire vehicle fleet in view on one portal and can plan and monitor trips more efficiently.


Easily configurable, reliable hardware

You can install the GPS tracker for OBD vehicle location quickly and easily yourself. A visit to the workshop is therefore not necessary.

You get a complete location through the broad coverage of the GPS tracker - even in regions with poor reception. If the connection should break down, the tracker continues to record all GPS data and transmits them in encrypted form as soon as the reception is restored. 


Theft protection through geofencing

The loss of a company car through theft is the nightmare of every fleet manager. Unfortunately, thefts of this kind happen frequently, and often cases remain unsolved.

With the tracking system from DAKO, you can create geo-zones yourself and link them to notifications. Thus you will be alerted as soon as your commercial vehicle moves out of the defined area within a specific time window. You can immediately inform the authorities and significantly increase the chance of getting your car back.


Optional functions 


Coordinate orders and customer data

With the additional tariff order management, you get a powerful tool for the daily disposition of your orders. In addition to managing your tours and customer data, you can also use it to plan your tours - fully automatically.

Dispatchers transfer the planned tours directly to the smartphone or navigation device of their drivers, and everyone can start the day well informed. The app DAKO drive is available free of charge for iOS and Android.


Binding communication made easy

The additional tariff Communication Services offers dispatchers the possibility to communicate directly with their drivers at any time without linguistic misunderstandings. The communication with all drivers is documented in a comprehensible manner across shifts.

The automatic translation function into the respective primary language of the drivers, provides considerable support, especially for multinational teams.


If you have any further questions about optional functions or any other product in the DAKO-Shop, please contact our new customer sales department on +49 3641 22778 596.




Can the tracking be switched off during private trips?

DAKO's OBD vehicle tracking system can easily be turned off for private trips by pulling the GPS tracker out of the OBD interface.


Which legal regulations exist for tracking?

Before you decide to use a tracking system, you should carefully check whether the intended use is also in compliance with data protection laws.

As soon as the collected tracking data also allows conclusions to be drawn about natural persons (affected persons in the sense of the European and national law), you will need the express consent of your employees for tracking.




Optimized for the current versions of the web browsers Chrome and Firefox.


Vehicle types

All vehicle types that have an OBD connection.

Payment method

Payment is made monthly for each vehicle registered under your company account. For example, if ten vehicles are registered under your company account, you pay 50 Euro per month.


Contract period

At least 24 months


Notice period

Three months before the end of the minimum contract period. If the contract is not terminated in time, the contract period is automatically extended by a further 12 months.


Hardware costs

GPS tracker for OBD vehicle tracking: The prerequisite for using our tracking system is the purchase of a GPS tracker, which is installed in the vehicle. You can find the prices here. There are no costs for installation.

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