TachoWeb Telematics

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Price per month and vehicle
  • The 360° solution for your high performance logistics company
  • Comprehensive telematics package including localisation, lane tracking, timely traffic jam information, comprehensive evaluation direct in the maps, our GeoStatistics and many additional functions
  • Everything at a glance due to optional order management
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Price per month and vehicle
TachoWeb Telematics
Automatic tour planning in TachoWeb on a screenshot.
Price per month and vehicle
  • Optional: Direct link with the driver, with the Communication Services**
  • Live scheduling times also as an App for Android and iOS
  • Automatic readout of all tacho and driver card data
  • Work with flexibility from anywhere, with the web-based portal www.tachoweb.eu
  • Legally-compliant evaluation of all tacho and driver card data
  • Deadline management of all maintenance and readout deadlines with reminder function
  • Evaluation of fines and automatic instruction documents
  • And many more aids for everyday working life...

 ** Precondition for this is the procurement of a navigation device from the TomTom PRO 827X EU Truck or 7250 EU Truck range and the booking of the DAKO-Communications Services

One of everything, please!

TachoWeb Telematics records your transport company in a 360° perspective. On the basis of the selected, partly telematics-supported analyses, you gain insights into your daily business that you have possibly never been given in this way before. This extended information cuts costs and allows you to make strategic decisions that benefit your company.

Save the environment and your money with optimum routes and FMS data

Thanks to the positioning function you not only have an overview of all vehicles but you can also optimize regular routes on the basis of historical data. For this purpose, total kilometers, labor expenses and road charges are taken into account. Precise fuel consumption data gives you information about the driving style of your personnel so that you can organize corrective training courses, if required. This will also have a positive effect on the carbon footprint of your total fleet.

Plan and coordinate orders and tours

Order Management is a great support in the day-to-day business. Create pre-defined tours that you use frequently via drag and drop or modify them to create a daily tour. Extra-stops can be added quickly. With DAKO- Deployment Optimization you can shorten your routes, integrate delivery windows in your planning, and consider restrictions in the deployment while planning your tour in the order management. A short-term personnel-shortage demands an immediate replacement? With the deployment management you can visualize all tours of every driver and find free capacities quickly.

Optional: Having a hotline to your drivers

Inter-company communication is a great challenge, particularly if a large number of employees work away from the company’s premises. With TachoWeb Telematics you can send messages directly to the driver’s cab and record the complete communication on site. In this way you can precisely reconstruct any breakdowns or failures even months later. Moreover, you can ensure that important messages reach the driver. Precondition for this is the procurement of a navigation device from the TomTom PRO 8270, 8275 or 7250 EU Truck range and the booking of the DAKO-Communications Services, which are available in the shop. 

All disposition times to the minute

Do you want to keep a good overview even when things get hectic? No problem – TachoWeb provides all the disposition times as live data. This lets you react more rapidly to changes and avoid expensive driving time violations.

One worry less thanks to TachoRemoteDownload

By using TachoWeb Telematics you will never miss another readout date and will thus save valuable time that you would otherwise have spent on the manual readout of your tachographs. If required, more dates in addition to the regular readout intervals can be individually defined.

Manage the fleet in accordance with legal requirements

By using the Telematics package you can easily meet the legal requirements for reading out, analyzing and archiving tachograph and driver card data. All the relevant regulations under the Road Traffic Rules (EC) No. 561/2006, the Road Traffic Rules (EEC) No. 3821/85 (EC social regulations), the Working Hours Act, the European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles engaged in International Road Transport (AETR), and the Driving Personnel Regulation are taken into consideration in the analysis. Changes such as the 12-days-regulation are included in the analysis from the day of their introduction so that you are always on the safe side with TachoWeb.

All appointments at a glance

Whether maintenance dates for tractor unit or trailer, readout dates for tachographs or driver cards, the regular driver’s license check, training dates or health checks – thanks to TachoWeb you can keep track of all important dates. The automatic reminder function helps you to concentrate completely on your daily business.

No more surprises

Financial risks due to violationsof regulations are serious challenges for logistics companies. You can identify trends with our comprehensive violation analysis and initiate measures on this basis. In addition, TachoWeb offers an exact automatic cost calculation of the individual violations so that you can more easily make an objective assessment.

Documentation and expenses at the press of a button

Legal requirements for the documentation of your fleet and for expenses claims take a lot of time and require a meticulous handling of the documents and data. TachoWeb contains templates for driving license checks and instruction reports which can easily be generated and personalized. Expenses claims are also generated automatically in TachoWeb and can be expanded without any problems to include individual expense allowances or payments. In this way you save time and standardize your documentation for greater clarity.

Identifying good performances

Thanks to the driver assessment you can identify the drivers who are particularly careful in managing their driving and rest periods, and observing speed limits. A grading system facilitates, for example, the distribution of bonuses to exemplary employees.


  • Mozilla Firefox from version 24
  • Google Chrome from version 30
  • Internet Explorer from version 9
  • Safari from version 7
  • Other browser with html-5 support


  • all remote enabled tachographs
  • TomTom LINK 510 Box (available in the DAKO shop, also as a package)
  • Navi-Display TomTom PRO 7250 EU Truck, TomTom PRO 8275 EU Truck, TomTom PRO 8270 EU Truck

TachoWeb Telematics is billed as a monthly subscription.

The notice period is 3 months before the end of contract at a 24 months term of contract.
If the notice is not sent in due time, then the term of contract is extended by a further 12 months

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