• The solid foundations for your fleet management
  • Work with flexibility from anywhere, with the web-based portal
  • Legally-compliant evaluation of all tacho and driver card data
  • Deadline management of all maintenance and readout deadlines with reminder function
  • Evaluation of fines and automatic instruction documents
  • Expenses billing can be personalised at the touch of a button
  • And many more aids for everyday working life...

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Manage the fleet in accordance with legal requirements

By using the Basic package you can easily meet the legal requirements for reading out, analyzing and archiving tachograph and driver card data. All the relevant regulations under the Road Traffic Rules (EC) No. 561/2006, the Road Traffic Rules (EEC) No. 3821/85 (EC social regulations), the Working Hours Act, the European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles engaged in International Road Transport (AETR), and the Driving Personnel Regulation are taken into consideration in the analysis. Changes such as the 12-days-regulation are included in the analysis from the day of their introduction so that you are always on the safe side with TachoWeb.

All appointments at a glance

Whether maintenance dates for tractor unit or trailer, readout dates for tachographs or driver cards, the regular driver’s license check, training dates or health checks – thanks to TachoWeb you can keep track of all important dates. The automatic reminder function helps you to concentrate completely on your daily business.

No more surprises

Financial risks due to violationsof regulations are serious challenges for logistics companies. You can identify trends with our comprehensive violation analysis and initiate measures on this basis. In addition, TachoWeb offers an exact automatic cost calculation of the individual violations so that you can more easily make an objective assessment.

Documentation and expenses at the press of a button

Legal requirements for the documentation of your fleet and for expenses claims take a lot of time and require a meticulous handling of the documents and data. TachoWeb contains templates for driving license checks and instruction reports which can easily be generated and personalized. Expenses claims are also generated automatically in TachoWeb and can be expanded without any problems to include individual expense allowances or payments. In this way you save time and standardize your documentation for greater clarity.

Identifying good performances

Thanks to the driver assessment you can identify the drivers who are particularly careful in managing their driving and rest periods, and observing speed limits. A grading system facilitates, for example, the distribution of bonuses to exemplary employees.

Reading out

The DAKO-TachoStation is a static device for reading out tachographs and driver cards. All data is transferred in encrypted form to the DAKO data centre, evaluated and archived. The interactive TachoStation 2.0 with 7 inch touchscreen can also be used for the regular driver’s licence check. For flexible use, you can also have all data conveniently read out at 600 public TachoStations across Europe.


The in-house DAKO data centre offers the maximum in security for your sensitive company data. All data in the TachoWeb is automatically archived for 24-months with SSL encryption, for auditing assurance. Complying with the legal regulations for data storage is therefore straightforward. You can also individually download and save data that you wish to access after the deadline has passed.


The statutory evaluation of working, driving and rest times required by law is straightforward and easy with TachoWeb. Because we always refer to the latest legal texts and amendments within the transport sector, you are always certain of complying with the law.

Deadline Management

Deadline management contains all important deadlines for employees, vehicles, trailers and swap bodies. The scheduler or fleet manager can store the deadlines for the primary test, exhaust emissions test or tacho test (per §57b) for the fleet, and be informed prior to the readout deadlines passing. The driver-specific deadlines include deadlines for health checks, further training and driving licence checks.

Reporting (Fleet Statistic)

All statistics pertaining to the driving and resting times can be summarised in an overview with our reporting function, which automatically places reports in your mailbox at self-defined intervals. Here you will see the working hours, driving time violations or fines at a glance, and you can detect negative developments even faster.


Based on the data saved from the driver card and tachograph, you can calculate the expenses for your employees automatically. The calculations can be based on pre-set expense rates provided for various countries, or you can create your own expense rates. The automatic country detection due to the tachograph setting makes the calculation considerably easier. You can additionally create your own surcharges, e.g. for night-time and weekend work. Do you wish to reward the fuel-efficient driving of your employees? You can do this quickly and easily with one-off special surcharges.

Driving Licence Check

TachoWeb allows documentation of the regularly required driving licence checks. In conjunction with the DAKO-TachoStation 2.0 and an RFID label on the driving licence, you can see at a glance when the driving licence was last presented.

Fine Notifications

With the violation evaluation you can evaluate your entire fleet at the touch of a button. The driver instructions are at your fingertips if required. The calculation of (potential) fines helps you to estimate the financial risk for your company and implement timely measures if necessary. In the evaluations we take into account the generally valid regulations governing driving and resting times, modified legislation for bus companies and the Working Hours Act.

Driver Evaluation

Based on the driver card data, individual tacho scores are assigned for each driver. This score is generated based on the number of violations, the severity of the violations and the number of driving hours. The development of the tacho score is illustrated with coloured arrows. As the fleet manager, you can quickly recognise trends and you can react to these accordingly, e.g. with training or bonuses for particularly good scores.

Remote-controlled Readouts

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Live Scheduling Times

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FMS Data

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Route Controlling

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More about package Telematics

Technical details


  • Mozilla Firefox from version 24
  • Google Chrome from version 30
  • Internet Explorer from version 9
  • Safari from version 7
  • Other browser with html-5 support


  • all analog or digital tachographs (analog tachographs need additional hard- and software)

Payment details

TachoWeb Basic is billed as a monthly subscription. The price per vehicle is scaled as follows:

1-4 vehicles 9,00 € per vehicle and month
519 vehicles 8,00 € per vehicle and month
20-49 vehicles 7,00 € per vehicle and month
50 and more vehicles 9,00 € per vehicle and month

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