TachoWeb Europe rate

  • Remote readout, disposition times and vehicle positioning throughout Europe
  • All advantages of the TachoWeb, wherever you’re driving in Europe


5,00 €

excl . 19.00% VAT
Price per month and vehicle

[ Immediate delivery ]

In compliance with the legal provisions through Europe

By activating DAKO TachoWeb for the EU area you can enjoy all the features that you also appreciate in your own country. These comprise all the live data, including positioning. Thus, you are completely informed about all the trucks or buse, even if they are abroad.

Avoiding thefts – also abroad

By means of the geo zones you can limit the area to drive through and thus avoid thefts, even abroad. In foreign countries, you usually suffer greater damage than at home due to legal particularities. Your freight will also be optimally secured on long routes if you combine the Europe rate with our trailer telematics.


Technical details


  • Mozilla Firefox from version 24
  • Google Chrome from version 30
  • Internet Explorer from version 9
  • Safari from version 7
  • Other browser with Html-5 support


  • All remote-enabled tachographs
  • TomTom LINK 510 Box (can be purchased here in the DAKO shop, also in a package)

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