• Professional data management by the TachoArchiv software
  • Readout of the tachograph in the vehicle using the DAKO Key
  • Rapid readout of the driver cards by card reader directly at the PC
  • Transfer of the data to any computer via USB interface
  • Analysis of all the data by the TachoView software according to the current legal situation
  • Our recommendation for companies with more than 10 employees

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Find everything with ease

Whether for an inspection by the authorities or for your own rechecks, it is frequently necessary to access old data records. But how to find them? Thanks to the software TachoArchiv, you can access exactly those data which you need within seconds. This makes time-consuming searches in the data archive a thing of the past.

Greater convenience for readout operations

From now on your driver data will simply be read out on the in-house PC. This feature saves time-consuming ways to your vehicles and waiting time. With the software TachoScan all data is digitally signed and thus, prepared for archiving in compliance with legal regulations.

Readout of tachograph and driver card

Read out the driver card data and tachograph data in the vehicle by using the DAKO Key. For this, you only need your company card. The DAKO Key will be connected with your computer via the USB adaptor and the key-download software controls the transfer of all the data to your PC.

Analysis – clear and comprehensive

With the TachoView software you can access and analyze your data. The gross violation indication, a logbook, the activity certificate in compliance with the Road Traffic Rules (EC) No. 561/2006 and the graphic representation of the activities complete the program. In addition to this, the package includes the deadline alerter, a local software which informs you in good time by displaying the next driver card and tachograph readout dates.

Doing your daily business while meeting the legal requirements

DiTach3 allows you to manage your fleet in compliance with the law and it covers all the currently valid social and labor regulations.

Note: We offer an optional maintenance contract for this product.

Upgrade made easy with modular system

You want to upgrade to DiTach 3 and already own the package 0, 1 or 2? No problem, to upgrade from DiTach 0 you just need to order the software DAKO-TachoView and the Card reader, which comes with the corresponding software DAKO-TachoScan. In addition, you need the software DAKO-Tachoarchiv, which can be ordered here in the shop as well.

If you already own DiTach1, just the card reader with included software and the software DAKO-TachoArchiv are needed for the upgrade.

Attention: You have to order the Card reader as supplement in order to get the corresponding software as well.

By ordering the software DAKO-Tachoarchiv you can upgrade from DiTach2 to DiTach3.

Software TachoView

TachoView shows you all driving, working, on-call and resting hours that are stored in the tachograph and driver card. All recorded activities are clearly shown in the time-line, whereby the weekly working time and the driving and resting times are highlighted separately. Activities in a day are displayed in tabular form down to the minute. Violations of current EC social legislation can be instantly recognised by the red marking, and instruction forms suitable for personalisation are also available to you immediately if required. The speed of each vehicle can also be traced precisely down to the second. Benefit from the clear overview with an integrated log book with display of kilometres per vehicle and driver. The export function also allows you to save this information in a .csv or .pdf file for your documentation. TachoView also offers the EU declaration of activity per ordinance (EC) No. 561/2006 as a template.


With the DAKO-Key you can read out data from the driver card and tachograph in the vehicle quickly and easily. To do so, the only other thing you need is your company card. The software DAKO-Key-Download controls the transfer of data from the key to your PC. With the quick selection buttons you decide precisely what you wish to read out.


With the DAKO-Adapter, you connect your DAKO-Key with any computer equipped with a USB connection. It is easy to use, thanks to the handy dimensions.

Deadline Warning Tool

Never miss a readout deadline again. With the deadline warning software you have all important deadlines at a glance, meaning that you can concentrate fully on the daily business.

Card reader incl. software TachoScan

You transfer all important driver card data in accordance with regulations in the shortest time; all you need for this is a USB connection point and a PC with a Microsoft Windows operating system. The signal lights reliably inform you that the readout process is complete. Due to its handy size, it takes up no more space on your desk than a standard pen holder. The corresponding software TachoScan reads out and transfers data of tachograph and driver card which is also digitally signed. Thus, all data is prepared for archiving in compliance with legal regulations.


With the DAKO-TachoArchiv you maintain an accurate overview of your readout data. Searching for hours for specific data retrospectively is now a thing of the past.

Fine wooden case for storage

More about package optional

3 packs (9 rolls) of printer paper for tachographs

More about package Rollen

DAKO-TachoStation 2.0

More about package TachoStation

Technical details

Card reader:

  • USB connection


  • 6-pin tacho plug
  • 4-fold selection for 10 different readout options (depending on which dataset is required with a readout process)


  • USB connection
  • 6-pin tacho receptacle (fits with the DAKO-Key)

DAKO-TachoView and TachoArchiv:

  • from Windows XP
  • Microsoft Framework Version 2

Scope of supply:

  • 1 Card reader (incl. USB cable)
  • 1 DAKO-Key
  • 1 DAKO-Adapter
  • 1 Setup-CD (DAKO-Key-Download, DAKO-TerminWarner, DAKO-TachoView, DAKO-TachoScan, DAKO-TachoArchiv) - incl. licence for single-user
  • Setup instruction

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