Temperature monitoring

  • Display of the temperature curve in your trailer in real-time
  • Alarm in case the cooling chain is disrupted
  • Archiving of cooling data in accordance with legal provisions
  • Clearly arranged temperature protocol including GPS data und sensor image
  • Export function of cooling data in different formats
  • All important information about door openings, defrost cycles, and batterie or fuel status at sight
  • Personalized display through configurable sensor names and -positions

9,75 €

excl . 19.00% VAT
Price per month and vehicle

[ Immediate delivery ]

Monitoring the cold chain from the office

The temperature monitoring function in DAKO TachoWeb shows you the temperature of your freight in real-time. If there is a danger of the cold chain being disrupted, you will be informed by noticeable warning messages and can send appropriate information to the driver immediately.

Good consulting for a rapid installation and start

Together with our in-house consultants we will find a tailored concept for you for the installation of the required modules that can be directly built into your trailer. You can then call up all the cooling data immediately after registration in DAKO TachoWeb.

Technical details


  • Mozilla Firefox from version 24
  • Google Chrome from version 30
  • Internet Explorer from version 9
  • Safari from version 7
  • Other browser with html-5 support

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