TachoWeb Extension Module Tachograph

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Price per month and tachograph
TachoWeb Extension Module Tachograph
TachoWeb Erweiterungsmodul Tachograf Fernauslesen LKW Tachograph
Price per month and tachograph
  • Legally compliant evaluation and archiving of all tachograph data
  • Automatic readout of all tachograph data (DAKO Hardware required)
  • Automatic compliance with legal deadlines (DAKO Hardware required)
  • Work flexibly from anywhere with the web-based portal www.tachoweb.eu
  • Easy remote download of smart tachographs (DAKO Hardware required)
  • No company card needed in the vehicle with remote readout (DAKO Hardware required)
  • Encrypted transmission of signed data via GPRS to the DAKO server
  • Support by our competent staff

Manage your fleet in compliance with the law

With the Extension Module Tachograph, you can easily comply with the legal requirements for reading out, evaluating and archiving tachograph data. All relevant legal texts, such as the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006, Regulation (EC) No. 165/2014, Regulation (EEC) No. 3821/85 (EC social regulations), the Working Hours Act and the Driving Personnel Regulation (FPersV) are taken into account in the evaluation. Changes, such as the 12-day regulation, are included in the evaluation from the day they are introduced, so that you are always automatically up to date with TachoWeb.

One less thing to worry about, thanks to remote download

With the remote download, you'll never miss a readout deadline again and save valuable time otherwise spent manually reading out your tachographs. Vehicles are read out automatically every 30 days. Data from smart tachographs and the new generation of driver cards can also be read out without any problems.

No more surprises

Financial risks due to infringements are serious challenges for logistics companies. With our comprehensive infringement evaluation, you can identify trends and initiate appropriate measures on this basis, such as instruction or training for your drivers. The automatic calculation of potential fines helps to assess the financial risk for your company.

Documentation at the push of a button

Legal requirements for documenting your fleet take up a lot of time and demand meticulous handling of documents and data. TachoWeb includes templates for instruction protocols that can be easily generated and personalised. This way you save time and standardise your documentation for more clarity. With customisable reporting options, you have important information quickly at hand.

Optimise your processes instead of paying fines

Violations of applicable laws in the area of freight transport are an avoidable risk for transport companies. Therefore, invest in devices that take work off your hands and at the same time create a secure foundation for smooth operations that comply with the law.

How do I read out my tachograph?

The company must read out the tachograph every 90 days. To do this, insert the respective readout hardware into the opening slot of the tachograph. Afterwards, the data can be conveniently imported into the TachoWeb on the computer. If DAKO hardware is installed on the tachograph (usually behind the dashboard), it can be read out remotely. Data from smart tachographs can also be read out without any problems.


  • Optimised for the latest versions of the web browsers Chrome and Firefox


Basic Module vehicle must be booked for further functions.

For remote download of tachographs (DAKO Hardware required).

The TachoWeb Extension Module Tachograph is billed monthly as a subscription. The number of stored data records from the tachograph serves as the basis for billing.
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