1. Druckerpapier für Tachografen
    Print paper for the tachometer
    • High quality paper that withstands all influences (solar radiation, water, cockpit spray, perspiration, etc.)
    • Suitable for conventional tachograph models
    • In a handy triple pack
    Excl. 19% VAT
  2. Anschlusskabel für Telematikmodule im Fahrerhaus
    • Transfer of the data from a digital tachograph 
    • Transfer of further input signals (digital journey book, standstill times, fleet management interface / CAN bus data)
    • Can be connected with the I/O cable connection of the TomTom LINK 510
    Excl. 19% VAT
  3. Halterung für ein Navigationsgerät von TomTom
    GPS mount
    • TomTom bracket for permanent installation
    • Integration of your TomTom navigation device in the vehicle
    • Fastening of the TomTom navigation device within the driver’s range
    Excl. 19% VAT
  4. Adapter für das Auslesen des Tachografen mit dem DAKO-Key
    • For transferring the tacho and driver card data to a PC
    • Convenient readouts in combination with the DAKO-Key
    • Handy and flexible to use
    Excl. 19% VAT
  5. Ansicht Halterung für die Tachografen Auslesestation DAKO-TachoStation
    Wall mounting for TachoStation
    • In order to affix the TachoStation 2.0 to a solid wall
    • Easy to install
    • Maximum hold even in case of heavy charges
    Excl. 19% VAT
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