TachoWeb Basic Module Employees

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Price per month and employee
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Price per month and employee
  • Manage employees easily
  • Simple login and registration here: www.tachoweb.eu
  • Required for all extension modules
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Price per month and employee
TachoWeb Basic Module Employees
TachoWeb basic module employee data digital administrate
Price per month and employee
  • All data in one place - Interfaces to many systems
  • Manage employee master data digitally
  • Don't forget appointments with reminders via e-mail
  • Digital driver's licence control
  • Multilingual communication incl. translation
  • Support from our competent staff

Manage employees

With the TachoWeb Basic Module Employees you manage your employees' data and appointments quickly and efficiently). Contact details, employment details and much more are available with a click. Communication is directly realised and documented using multilingual communication via chat). 

All appointments at a glance

Whether training appointments or health check-ups, with TachoWeb you always keep an eye on all important appointments. The automatic reminder function for appointments helps you to concentrate fully on your daily business.

No manual driving licence check necessary anymore

The TachoWeb basic module Employee adapts to your needs. The automatic driver's licence check with RFID tags via TachoStation or mobile in TachoWeb saves working time and paperwork. The due date reminder is also quickly set up with two clicks

Having a direct line to your drivers

Corporate communication is a big challenge, especially when large parts of the workforce work off-site. With "TachoWeb Basic Module Employees" you can send messages directly to the driver's cab and log all communication in one place. This allows you to track any breakdowns or incidents accurately, even months later. In addition, you can ensure that important messages reach the employee reliably. The automatic translation function allows direct communication with drivers speaking foreign languages without misunderstandings.

You also need one of our navigation devices (PRO 8475 EU Truck) or the DAKO-Drive app.


  • Optimised for the latest versions of the web browsers Chrome and Firefox


Basic Module must be booked for further functions

"TachoWeb Basic Module Employees" is billed monthly as a subscription. The number of active employees in the TachoWeb "Master data" area serves as the basis for billing.
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