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  • The smart download key for easy access to tachograph and driver card data with app
  • Trouble-free read-out of all tachographs (Smart Tacho V2-ready)
  • Applicable only in connection with DAKO-account
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DAKO TachoKEY download key for trucks, downloadkey tachograph
  • Easy compliance with legal obligations on data download and archiving
  • Access to data from digital tachographs without SD/SDHC card (Download driver cards, download mass memory from the last 92 days)
  • Read-out and transfer of data via app (Android, iOS in development), DAKO TachoStation or desktop PC with DAKO TransferTool
  • Professionally pre-configured for legally required readout periods
  • Automatic readout of all relevant data records
  • Intuitive user guidance with optical LED band
  • High security level through reliable data encryption
  • Interfaces: 6-pin connector, USB-C
  • Standard protocol: DTCO 1381 for VDO, Stoneridge, Intellic, Actia

The smart key for reading out your driver card and tachographs

The DAKO TachoKEY is your download key for easy, local readout of tachograph and driver card data on your trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles. It is compatible with all current tachograph models (e.g. DTCO 4.0). Thanks to optimal pre-configuration, all functions are automatically triggered when plugged into the tachograph.

Effortless data transfer with the DAKO TachoKEY - simple, safe, swift

As soon as the DAKO TachoKEY is connected to the tachograph, the data of the driver card and the activities of the vehicle unit of the last three months (92 days), as well as their technical data, events and social infringements, are downloaded automatically. It is a simple, safe and swift solution fitting your needs. You only have to pay attention to the colour of the LED signal on the download key or the progress bar on the DAKO TransferApp to read the current status of the data transfer.

Data transfer via DAKO TachoStation or via USB-C cable on a desktop PC with the DAKO TransferTool is also possible.

Fleet and driving personnel at one glance

Via the DAKO TransferApp (resp. DAKO TachoStation or PC/DAKO TransferTool) the data is transferred directly to the online portal DAKO Fleet (or TachoWeb) and archived in compliance with the law. There you can view, analyse and process your driver card and tachograph data at any time. The app is only available for Android for the time being, iOS will follow.


What can a download key do?

The download key can read the data from the digital tachograph. It downloads data from the driver card and the tachograph mass memory (for the last 92 days).

Do I need a card reader and a download key to read out the driver card?

No, only the download key is required to read out the driver card. However, it depends on the version. The DAKO TachoKEY can download tachograph and driver card data.

What is a readout device?

The readout device is sort of an USB stick for the digital tachograph. It allows you to download and view the tachograph data. This can be done quickly and easily automatically without pressing any buttons.

How often do I have to read out data with the DAKO TachoKEY?

The driver's card must be read out every 28 days. The mass memory should be read every 90 days. The data must then be analysed and archived in accordance with (EC) No. 561/2006.
Simply insert the DAKO TachoKEY into the tachograph within the prescribed time periods to read the data from the driver card and the tachograph. The downloaded data can then be transferred to the DAKO platform via the app or DAKO TachoStation and archived there in compliance with the law. The data can also be analysed here afterwards.

Power supply

  • Via 6-pin plug 40mA max. current consumption, 9-24V or USB-C, 100mA max. current consumption, 5V

Protection features

  • Overcurrent fuse 6pin plug 60mA


  • USB2.0 (PC) to USB-C (TachoKEY), or Bluetooth Low Energy®


  • Via DAKO TachoStation, PC (Software)

Internal Storage

  • Flash storage 64MB

Status display

  • LED light strip


  • 1x 6-pole

Operating temperature

  • -10° C to +60° C

Device protection level

  • IP 20


  • Length: 84mm, Width: 44mm, Height: 16mm


  • 20g


  • CE, Restrictive Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) 2011/65/EU, EMC Guidelines 2004/108/EG

Registration according to ElektroG

  • WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 57318687
  • DAKO TachoKEY downloadkey
  • USB-C connection cable for connecting to the PC
  • Brief description / operating instructions
    The prerequisite for the use of the DAKO TachoKEY download key is the existence of an activated DAKO account and the booking of modules in the DAKO web portal. Please note that this will result in additional costs.
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