RFID label for TachoStation

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  • Automatic driving licence check in an instant
  • Automatic hours logging at the TachoStation also coming soon
  • High level tamper protection
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RFID-Tags für die TachoStation
Ansicht Führerschein mit RFID-Tag für die Führerscheinkontrolle
  • Easy to use
  • Robust material and maximum adhesive strength

Rapid driving licence checks

With the help of the label you can perform driving licence checks for your drivers and generate their legally-compliant documentation literally in the blink of an eye. The RFID label is stuck to the driving licence for this purpose. On the due date, your driver simply holds the RFID label directly up to the TachoStation, which recognises the label and confirms the check. Therefore, saving you further inspection or scanning work. It is not possible to remove the RFID label from the driving licence without destroying it, because the internal chip is rendered useless with this form of tampering. You save time and effort, because personal checks of the driving licence are no longer necessary.

Soon also possible: Working hours logging

According to the Working Hours Act, overtime hours must be logged and documented. The TachoStation will therefore offer central, automatic time logging for your employees, with the aid of the RFID label. Written records generated by your employees and additional software will therefore be superfluous.


  • 18mm diameter
  • Thickness <1 mm

Other preconditions

  • In order to check driving licences or document working hours semi-automatically, you require a TachoStation from version 2.0

Scope of supply

  • Robust sticker with integrated chip

The prices per unit vary as follows:

1-49 units: 9,00 € per unit
50-199 units: 8,00 € per unit
200-499 units: 7,00 € per unit
from 500 units: 6,00 € per unit

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