Telematics Box FMC650 with wiring harness

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  • Comprehensive FMS data for greater efficiency and resource preservation
  • Supports automatic remote download of tachograph and driver card
  • Applicable only in connection with DAKO-account
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Teltonika FMC650
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Optimise fleet based on vehicle data
  • Firmly installed device brings security
  • Reliable 4G connection
  • Keeping an eye on vehicles
  • Antenna cable and wiring harness included
  • Secure transmission of FMS, location and tachograph data
  • Get accurate information on fuel levels and driving style

More efficiency for your fleet

If you want to get more out of your vehicles than position data and data on driving and rest times, the telematics box FMC 650 gives you many advantages. It makes your vehicles talk and, in combination with the DAKO web platform, enables cost optimisation, reduction of wear and tear and a complete overview of your fleet.

Save fuel and detect risks

Use valuable data from the FMS interface to accurately track fuel consumption, tank operations and levels as well as fuel loss, e.g. due to a leak in the tank, in the DAKO web platform. This allows you to identify fuel-intensive routes, keep an eye on consumption and adjust your planning accordingly.

Promote resource-efficient driving via FMS

FMS data not only allows you to optimally plan refuelling operations. In addition, the FMC650 also provides data on driving style, such as use of cruise control, sharp braking or the use and position of the accelerator pedal. Based on this data, you receive a driving style analysis and a driver grade in the DAKO web platform, which you can use to raise your drivers' awareness of resource-saving driving.

Seamless tracking with accurate position transmission

With the FMC650, you always have the exact position of your vehicles in view. The telematics box sends positioning data every minute. When driving through regions with weak connections, the data is stored and transmitted when the network is available again.

Remote readout and more

The device enables automatic remote readout of tachographs and driver cards at standard intervals (7 days driver card, 30 days tachograph). If desired, the data can also be read out more frequently (this incurs additional costs). In this way, you comply with legal obligations while driving, without additional stops and manual downloads that cost time, thus relieving drivers and enabling journeys without unnecessary stops.

The telematics box can also send live data in real time (60-second interval), which can be used, for example, to quickly have remaining driving times at hand. In addition, you receive data on speeds, kilometre readings and other tracking information to help you optimise your fleet. SIM card and data tariff are already included in the hardware price, so there are no extra costs for data transfer (prerequisite: booking of a corresponding module in the DAKO web platform).

Fixed installation for more safety

The FMC650 finds its place behind the tachograph, without major changes in the driver's cab. We advise you to commission an appropriate workshop for the installation, as the connection and installation of the external GPS and GSM antennas in particular requires specialist knowledge. We would be happy to recommend one of our installation partners in your area. Due to the fixed installation, the device is protected against manipulation. Firmware and configuration can be easily updated via Bluetooth (remote maintenance).


To use the FMC650 in this version, you need a user account in the DAKO web portal.


104,1 x 76,8 x 31,5 mm (L x W x H)


197 g

Power supply

Voltage supply +8 V to +32 V DC
Internal battery (550 mAh Ni-Mh / 8,4V)


Operation without battery: -40° C to +85° C

Protection class

IP 41

Mobile networks

External GMS antenna and GSM/GPRS module; 4G (LTE Cat 1) network coverage


GPS antenna and GPS receiver integrated (incl. external antenna)


  • 2 CAN inputs (FMS and tachograph)
  • 4 connections as digital outputs
  • 4 connections as digital inputs
  • 4 analogue inputs
  • 1 wired input

Registration according to ElektroG

  • WEEE-Reg.-No. DE 57318687
  • FMC650
  • 1 GPS antenna cable
  • 1 GSM antenna cable
  • 1 wiring harness (20-pin)
  • 2 adhesive pads, double-sided
  • 1 installation instruction
The FMC650 is only available in combination with a subscription for the DAKO web portal. Please note that this will incur additional costs.
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