DAKO TachoStation 2.0

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  • Flexible support point for reading out tachograph data (only with the DAKO SmartStick) and driver card
  • Data can be transfer with ease, also license check
  • Applicable only in connection with DAKO-account
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DAKO TachoStation 2.0.
Auslesegerät DAKO TachoStation 2.0
  • Maximum flexibility despite local readout
  • Simple to operate with 7 inch touchscreen
  • Timeless design
  • Readouts also at over 540 public TachoStations across Germany and over 540 locations throughout Europe
  • In order to read out tachograph data, you additionally require a DAKO SmartStick (not included in the scope of supply)

Rapid readout, analyzing and archiving

The TachoStation 2.0 is a fully compatible companion for reading out driver cards and tachograph data. You simply transfer the latest tachograph data, encrypted, from the DAKO SmartStick via the TachoStation to the DAKO data centre. Furthermore, all driver card data is read out automatically and transferred when the DAKO SmartStick is inserted at the station. You can view the data in the TachoWeb immediately. You therefore possess a central contact point for reading out and transferring all important data.


TachoStation 2.0 allows you to establish contact points available to your drivers for readouts around the clock. It is no longer necessary to interrupt your work on the PC, in order to read in driver card data or tachograph data. This not only saves you working time, it also provides you with the freedom to have all data available without distraction.

Easy to use without extensive explanations

Insert card, wait briefly for the signal, remove card. That is how easy it is to read out driver cards or the DAKO SmartStick at the TachoStation 2.0. There is no complicated operation before, during or after the readout process. As such, failed readout processes or time-intensive operating instructions are a thing of the past. All that is required in the one-off registration of all your drivers in TachoWeb genügt dazu.


To use the TachoStation in this version for reading out, you need a user account in the DAKO-TachoWeb.


  • 288|137|168 (W | H | D)

Power supply:

  • 12 V | 4 A mains power unit with coaxial power connector


  • LAN connection


  • RJ45 10Mbit
  • Half Duplex

Operator guidance:

  • User-friendly, 7 inch touchscreen

Scope of supply:

  • TachoStation 2.0
  • Network cable

Please note that further fees might be applicable (see details).

DAKO SmartStick, driving licence with RFID tag and driver card not included in the scope of delivery.

In addition to the fixed costs presented in the product overview, further costs arise for the TachoStation:

  • Software updates to the current release status in each case
  • Device repairs incl. replacement of components free of charge, provided the damage has not been caused by improper handling or use.
  • Annual licence fee and maintenance costs of €120. This includes maintenance of the firmware and the DAKO TachoStation.
  • In order to use the TachoStation in this version for readouts, you require a user account in the TachoWeb Moduls. Please note that this is associated with additional costs.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at: +49 (0) 3641 22778 500

Please note that further fees might be applicable (see details).

DAKO SmartStick, driving licence with RFID tag and driver card not included in the scope of delivery.

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